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Holiday Shipping Tips Series: Properly Prepare Pallets

October 29, 2015 - Unishippers

Think of your pallet as the perfect Christmas present under the tree. The edges are nice and crisp, the wrapping paper is smooth and the bow is perfecProperly Prepare Palletstly centered. Then along comes your kid, grabbing presents at random, shaking them and tearing at the edges to see what’s inside. All of the sudden, your present looks like it was, in fact, wrapped by a 5 year old. If a kid can ruin your award-worthy present wrapping skills under the tree, just imagine what a forklift can do to your pallet if it’s not properly prepared beforehand. Check out these simple – yet sometimes overlooked – steps you can take this holiday season to prevent damage. Continue reading

Staying Chill with Cold Weather Shipping

October 21, 2015 - Unishippers

Temperatures are starting to drop around the country as fall sets in. It won’t be long now until really cold weather hits much of the nation, which can cause problems foDoesnt-Freeze-Shipping-180x180r shippers.

Many shippers take for granted that their temperature-sensitive items will arrive undamaged, even during the depths of winter. This isn’t the case, however, as sub-freezing temperatures can cause extensive damage to fragile items such as paints, glues, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, wine, perishable food, and batteries.  Continue reading