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How to Create Mailing Lists in Express Manager

April 4, 2017 - Unishippers

Creating labels for multiple shipments at the same time doesn’t have to be a headache! From sending customer appreciation gifts to the mass shipping of documents, creating custom mailing lists in Express Manager can save you time. Create a mailing list within Express Manager with up to 150 addresses and prepare all 150 labels in the amount of time that it would normally take you to prepare one. Follow the step-by-step guide below to set up a mailing list and get started! Continue reading

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How to Manage and Create a Commodity List on Freight Manager in 3 Steps

- Unishippers

If you repeatedly ship the same commodities and dislike repetitive tasks, we’ve got your back (and your sanity)! You can create a searchable Commodity List on Unishippers Freight Manager so that you don’t have to manually enter in the commodity details each time you prepare a shipment (think: class, weight, description, dimensions, NMFC code, etc.). Follow the three easy steps below to create your own commodity list and save some time! Continue reading

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How to Set Up a Default Commodity in Freight Manager

- Unishippers

If you ship the exact same thing the majority of the time, this handy feature on Freight Manager is for you! By creating a Default Commodity, your shipment information will automatically populate each time you quote or prepare a freight shipment (think: class, weight, description, dimensions, NMFC code, etc.).

Interested? Follow these easy steps below to get started: Continue reading