Avoid muffin-topping your freight

Be Kind to Your Freight: Avoid Overhang

It’s simple – your freight shipment should never spill out over the sides of your pallet. Why? Because muffin tops should only belong on top of muffins. And because overhanging product on a pallet is extremely susceptible to damage.

Whether it means getting a bigger pallet, stacking the product on the pallet differently, or packaging the product differently altogether – it is very important to have your freight fit correctly on the pallet.

On a pallet’s long journey from one destination to another, they are loaded and unloaded many times onto to trucks, into warehouses, or onto docks. On most occasions these loads and unloads are done with a forklift. Forklift prongs slide into the pallet, lift it up, and then cruise it over to its next rest stop before being moved again. If your product is hanging over the edge of the pallet the forklift prongs, it could be pressed against the wall of a truck or bumped against other freight. The more your freight is moved, the more chances it will have to run into something else. There are many different pallet sizes available and you may even have the option to custom build your own pallet to fit your product.

After all, pallets should take the brunt of the abuse, not your freight. To minimize damage to your shipments, please be kind and don’t muffin-top your freight.

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