Coming Out Ahead on Claims

Part I: Small Packages

Your customer’s eagerly anticipated shipment arrives, but that delicate piece of electronic equipment inside sounds like a maraca when they lift the box. It happens to the best of us: the customer reached out to you and you’ve just found yourself in the dreaded “claim zone.”

While nobody wants to have to file a claim with a carrier, damaged or lost shipments
do happen, and it’s important for you and your customers to understand how to deal with them. 

Today we’ll be talking about the process for filing small package claims through UPS. In a few weeks, we’ll walk you through the claims process for freight shipments.

1. Report Damage

You can report damage or initiate a trace for a lost package by either contacting Unishippers or UPS directly. To report damage directly with UPS, visit UPS’s claim page.

2. Review Your UPS ePackage

Once you have reported the damage, Unishippers will send you a UPS ePackage via email. Be prepared to supply UPS with documentation that supports the actual repair or replacement cost of the shipment, up to the declared value. Supporting documentation can include original invoices, purchase orders, etc. You will need to upload any required documentation to UPS’s website per the ePackage instructions. UPS may also notify you that they require an inspection of the shipment.

3. Receive Notification of Claim Status

Unishippers will notify the shipper of record if the claim has been issued or denied via another ePackage. If the claim has been denied, you can contact Unishippers with any questions or concerns.

4. Obtain Claim Payment

If your claim has been approved, Unishippers will send a payment check directly to you. UPS will pay the lesser of the purchase or replacement costs, up to the declared value.

Unishippers and UPS’s powerful relationship means that the claims process can be quick and relatively painless. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about filing freight claims.