Dealing with Disputes: Part I

3 Tips To Help Increase the Odds of Success

Questioning a reweigh charge? Have a guaranteed service failure claim? Investigating a discrepancy on a shipment invoice? Disputes happen from time to time, and when they do, we want to help disputeensure a speedy resolution between you and the carrier. Check out these tips for dealing with disputes.

Tip #1: Keep It Fresh

Rather than waiting until a shipment is due to be paid, disputes should be filed with the carrier as soon as possible, and no later than 20 days past the delivery date.  At this point, details are still fresh and the invoice is not yet delinquent, which will make it easier to work your dispute with the carrier than if it is filed outside of this timeline. 

Tip #2: If Guaranteed, Act With Speed

For guaranteed services, service failure claims should be filed as soon as possible.  Many carriers have requirements that guaranteed service failures must be filed with the carrier within 15 calendar days of the delivery date.  After that time, you may have difficulty negotiating with the carrier and they may refuse to waive or reduce charges.

Tip #3 – Persistence Pays

If you have not received a response from the carrier after filing a dispute, it’s perfectly okay (and recommended) to follow up every two weeks. This will ensure that the carrier is able to keep the dispute on their radar. While most of our carrier partners do respond to disputes in a timely manner, they are not legally required to respond within a certain time period, so following up is always a good idea.

Your Unishippers office can help assist you with your dispute and advocate on your behalf with carriers to help get the dispute resolved.


Desiring More Details on Disputes? Check back next week for the next article in our Dealing with Disputes series!