Density Based Classing 101: Part 2

When shipping product with a density based class, it is important to ensure density is calculated correctly. This will ensure an accurate quote at the time of shipping and no carrier re-class surprises. Follow the steps below for an accurate quote each time you ship:

Step 1: Measure your shipment accurately. Be sure to include all packaging in your measurements– this includes the pallet.

Step 2: Weigh the shipment in its entirety.  If you are not sure of the exact weight and don’t have a scale handy, you can refer back to the manufacturer spec sheet or contact the manufacturer. The spec sheet or manufacturer may have weight information.  Be sure to add the weight of the packing materials and pallet into the total.

Step 3: Follow the Formula. We know, math can be a drag – but you can’t avoid this step. If you really don’t want to do this by hand, Unishippers Freight Manager can calculate this for you – or you can use our Freight Density Calculator. If you want to do it yourself, here is the actual formula:

1) L x W x H = cubic inches,

2) Divide by 1728 = cubic feet,

3) Divide the weight by the cubic feet.

Step 4: Determine Your NMFC Number. Once you have the density you can choose the appropriate class and sub category for your shipment.

That’s it! 4 easy steps to make sure you get a more accurate freight quote – bonus to you for being a smart shipper (even with all that math). Stay tuned next time when we discuss how to improve your shipment’s density and therefore lower your shipping costs in Part 3 of our Density Based Classing series.


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