Density Based Classing 101: Part 3

When shipping products whose class is based on the density, there are ways to improve the density and lower your class and shipping costs. (It’s just like following all of those clothing tips that will instantly slim your figure.) To improve your shipment’s density and get the lowest rate available you should:

  1. Find the right packaging.  You pay for space! Experiment using different containers, find  what fits your product best.
  2. Eliminate Wasted Space.  Package your product as tightly as possible (without risking damage).
  3. Avoid hanging or protruding product on a pallet. You pay for that space hanging or protruding from your pallet and it works against the overall density. This could lead to a higher class for that shipment. (Plus, there are lots of other reasons why you don’t want pallet overhang, check out our blog post on this here.)
  4. Provide accurate weight and measurements. No one likes surprises when it comes to shipping – particularly when it comes to charges. Always double check your measurements and weight before determining density. A seemingly small mistake could result in incorrect classing – which can incur hefty additional carrier charges.

This concludes our 3 part series on Density Based Classing. If you missed one – here they are again: Density Based Classing Part 1 and Density Based Classing Part 2. If you have any additional questions on saving money on your density based freight shipments, reach out to your local office.

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