Getting Your Team Computer-Savvy

How comfortable are your employees when thetech_photoy are in front of a computer – and doing tasks beyond email or other basics? Are they taking advantage of the many time and money-saving computer programs and internet resources that can help your business succeed? If not, this could be limiting your success. Technology changes daily, but if your team understands some computer basics, they’ll be more likely to embrace new tools and resources that will help take your business to the next level.

#1 – Speak the Same Language

Assuming everybody knows what common technology terms mean can lead to a lot of confusion, miscommunication, and wasted time. Take the guesswork out of it by clarifying key terms like hardware, software, server, network and operating system.

#2 – Put the Internet to Work

Finding the right – and most accurate – information online can be a challenge. Make sure your team knows how to use search engines more effectively to increase the efficiency and productivity of finding information on the Internet. Some simple tips can be found here.

Review basic browser functionality with your team, including how to bookmark sites, clear the browser cache, and open links in new windows. These tips may be obvious to many people, but for those that are less tech-savvy, knowing a few tricks can make a world of difference.

#3 – Protect Your Computer and Information

Review standard practices with your team to keep your computers virus-free and ensure that confidential information isn’t compromised. Remind them to always check the origin of links before they clink, and make sure they know how to verify that encryption is being used.

#4 – Know the Time-Saving Commands

It often takes computer newbies three or four steps to do what could be accomplished in just one. Universal keyboard commands and shortcuts can save time and reduce frustration, but they aren’t always intuitive. Help your team get up to speed with a quick tutorial on the most common shortcuts for Windows or for a Mac.

#5 – Understand the Cloud

Nobody wants to admit that they don’t really know what “The Cloud” is. Help your team understand this method of storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet. Read a more detailed explanation of the cloud.

#6 – Learn Social Media Basics

What started as a trend with young people, has become a widespread tool for connecting and communicating with friends, business partners, and customers. Read this beginners guide to Getting Started with Social Media.

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