Like Shoes, Picking the Perfect Freight Carrier Takes Work

Choosing the right freight carrier is almost as important as choosing the shoes you wear each day. On a sunny day you want to make sure you’ve picked out the perfect pair of sandals, but on a rainy day you wouldn’t want to wear those same sandals. The sameblog goes with freight! What fits your needs one day might not be the right fit the next.  

Knowing your business, your customers’ business, the services that are required every time you ship, and all the available options will help you make the best choice when it comes to selecting carriers. For example, if the freight you are shipping isn’t time critical, then you could modify your search to include lower priced carriers. Customer-specific carrier request? You might be forced to modify your carrier selection.

It’s like walking into your favorite shoe store – the variety and possibilities are endless depending on your specific shipping needs. Don’t know where to start?  Just ask! At your disposal you’ll have carriers that offer:

  • Inside delivery
  • Military base delivery
  • Limited access delivery
  • White glove service
  • Temperature controlled service
  • Volume shipments
  • Excessive length shipments
  • Alcohol shipments
  • And much more!

Unishippers works with over 30+ carriers that will be able to cater to just about any need. So don’t get stuck wearing those sandals on a rainy day when you don’t have to – take a moment and reevaluate your carrier selection criteria.

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