Properly Prepping Packages for the Holidays

6 Tips for Properly Preparing Your Packages This Holiday

In the rush to get orders out the door this holiday season, it’s easy to rush on properly prepping pallets and shipments, which when not properly prepared, can lead to damaged shipments. So we’ve made a quick list for you to check before sending your shipment on its merry way.

1. Check the Pallet’s Condition – Ensure that the pallet is in good condition (no broken boards, protruding fasteners or large gaps between deckboards).

2. Reinforce Packaging – An easy and effective way to reinforce packaging is by taping the opening and seams of the boxes with 2-inch-wide clear, brown, reinforced or paper packing tape.

3. Forgo the Pretty Strings – While it does add an extra merry touch to gifts and packages,  do not use the following materials: cord, string, twine, duct tape, basic tape or masking tape. These items can get caught on conveyor belts and other contraptions used to sort and ship packages and could damage your shipment.

4. Check the Wrapping – Remember, don’t skimp on the shrink wrap! Poorly wrapped pallets are the main reason that boxes end up damaged or lost. Two to three complete wraps around the pallet is standard best practice to secure the load.

5. Protect Labels - Especially over the holidays when snow and sleet are common, protecting shipping labels is an important step you shouldn’t overlook. If a label gets damaged in-transit, your shipment could be delayed. Preferably, use the label sleeves provided by the carrier or place a strip of clear packing tape over the address area and be sure to avoid any bar codes that require scanning

6. Check for Overhang ­­- A pallet should be large enough to house the shipment without overhang – that means no muffin-topping you freight.

That’s it! 6 quick tips so you can “Stay Calm and Keep Shipping” this holiday season. Of course, your team of shipping experts at Unishippers can also help you come up with a customized holiday-shipping-plan-of-attack. Contact your Unishippers office and get a full holiday shipping assessment today.