Trade Show Shipping

Tricks of the Trade Show Shipping Trade

Trade show shipping can be, well, tricky. So treat yourself to a stress-free trade show shipping experience by brushing up on these tricks of the trade.

Be Choosey

Not every carrier offers a Trade show service, so it’s important to choose a carrier experienced in delivering to/from trade shows. Not sure what carriers are experienced in trade shows? Check with your Unishippers office! They are experienced in helping businesses with their trade show shipments and can provide you with all the available options from a list of vetted, reliable carriers.

Overshare On The BOL

Trade show shipping is not your average shipment, so it makes sense that the BOL needs to include more detailed information, too. It might seem like overkill, but it is vital that the following information is on the BOL. Without this information, the shipment may not be picked up, delivered correctly or arrive on time – or you could incur additional fees in order to re-route or update the BOL.

  • The BOL needs to indicate the shipment is going to a trade show
  • The address of the delivery location, including the name of the building/wing/section
  • The name of the tradeshow event
  • The trade show booth number
  • Preferably the trade show coordinator’s contact information
  • The move-in date of the trade show and time requirements
  •  The Class

Know Your Class

Items going to a trade show for display or as part of the booth are considered “trade show materials” and are Class 125 even if they move under a different class under normal circumstances.

Figure Out the Delivery and Pickup Windows

Carriers generally need to deliver to trade shows on a certain date and time, frequently within a set window that is arranged by the trade show event manager. If a delivery appointment isn’t met, the carrier needs a new appointment, or they risk missing delivery to the trade show.

Also, at the end of a trade show, the shipment must be picked up quickly.  If pickup is delayed, it’s possible the shipment could be sent into storage, incurring more fees.  So, the carrier needs to know when they need to pick the freight up.

Prep for Potential Issues

Sometimes, at larger conventions where many carriers might be picking up or delivering materials, your carrier might have to wait for a period of time to deliver your shipment. If the carrier is required to wait, this will likely result in a larger bill.  Similarly, if a carrier is required to pick up or deliver on a weekend, holiday, or after hours, it’s possible they may charge additional fees.

Check the List

Sometimes, a trade show may have an event manager that brings in their preferred carrier to handle the freight versus the carrier you desire. We recommend confirming what carriers are on this list to avoid potential hiccups and surprise costs later on.

Double Check the Guarantee

If guaranteed service is utilized for the trade show shipment, keep in mind that the requested guaranteed delivery date and time might not be met if the trade show is not accepting deliveries during your requested date and time.  These will not be treated as a guaranteed service failure since the trade show determines the acceptable move-in/out date and time rather than the carrier.

Partner With an Expert

Trade show shipping has a lot of moving parts, so why not leave all the details to someone who is an expert at shipping? Your Unishippers shipping consultant can take care of all the details from start to finish, so you – or your attendee – can focus on the actual trade show.