Warm Up to Cold Calling

Cold calling is more than just a “necessary evil.”  For many small and midcoldcall-size businesses, it’s an integral part of finding new and qualified leads to help drive steady and efficient new business revenue.  For best results, consider these key tips and techniques: 

  1. Convey a positive attitude. The key to success starts with your attitude. When you project an air of enthusiasm, it resonates with your prospects and has a strong affect on how people react to you.
  1. Turn the cold call into a warm lead instantly. If the person you’re calling feels a connection to you, they’re more likely to be receptive to what you have to offer. To “warm up” your lead, start by determining the department you ultimately want to reach, then send an email to someone within the department that can help you identify the best person to contact. Once you get the right name, you can use the person who gave it to you as a referral in your call. By mentioning a specific colleague’s name in your introduction, you possess a little more credibility than what a pure cold caller would have. 
  1. Know your audience. Familiarize yourself with the company you’re calling and think about the pain points the person you’re speaking to may have. People are much more receptive to you if you speak their language.
  1. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Getting the questioning technique right is key. Write down broad questions that eventually become more specific in nature. This will help you discover their true needs.
  1. Follow up. After the call always circle back with a brief e-mail that adds value. Don’t just send what you’ve already said. Tell people something new.

When all is said and done, there are many techniques for cold calling, but each tactic is really only mastered through practice. To perfect your skills, start dialing!